Pieced Together by Trial and Error

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This album is a story, a story of the last few years or our life as a family, a story of ‘trial and error’. I haven’t always been grateful for these experiences and it’s been a real struggle, but God never let go. It was a while back that I wrote about 'feeling the scars of the persecuted ones' and I have learnt how dangerous it is to sing those words, but what I have gone through fails in comparison to what many people around the world are experiencing; regardless of their faith. Were it not for these kinds of times none of us would be where we are today. So often we throw them away, but we need to savour them far more and get the best out of them because if we don’t then they lose value, meaning and purpose. If life was simple, if life was easy, then we would lack character but we have to be challenged if we’re to learn and grow.

1) All About You
2) Everyday
3) The Grace of New Beginnings
4) Where do I find You?
5) Oh Napoleon
6) B.O.T.B
7) Search
8) Rolling Seas
9) I will Be